Ghastlie Fabric Giveaway….Alexander Henry Winner- Grand Prize…. the Lady of the Cloth
from Kirie Ghastlies Shape

 ON Tuesday October 25th  Mrs. Annie Ghastlie Mrs Doris Ghastlie Mrs Brandie Ghastlie Ms. Alidiza Ghastlie Mrs. JudyC Ghastlie

( Wheeled PINK Sewing BAG goes
to Cherise from Mrs Annies Ghastlie Fans…)

 ON Wednesday October 26th        Mrs. Barb Ghastlie Miss Karen Ghastlie Ms. Loralynn Ghastlie Ms. Jen Ghastlie.  Ms Penny Ghastlie Mrs Rhonda Ghastlie

( Ghastlie fabric goes to Sheri and Jackie)
from Mrs Penny and Mrs Karen Ghaslties)

 ON Thursday October 27th  Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie               Ms Sharon Ghastlie Mrs. Gooden Ghastlie Ms. Selina Ghastlie Mrs. Melinda Ghastlie

( All 3 Rulers goes out to
Evelyn from Mrs Sharon Ghastlies 

 ON Friday October 28th  Miss Trudi Ghastlie   Ms. Deonn Ghastlie Mrs. Marlene Ghastlie Mrs Kim Ghastlie Mrs Tammy Ghastlie

2 ( 4 yds each of Ghastlies goes out to…
( Manda from Miss Trudi’s)
Dannelle from Mrs Tammy)

 ON Monday October 31st Mrs. Toyna Ghastlie Mrs Tiramisue Ghastlie

Mrs. Karin Ghastlie Mrs Barb Ghastlie ( Mrs Pickles you have won  the lights form Mrs Paulines Ghastlie..)   ON Tuesday November 1st  Miss Daisy Ghastlie Mrs. Dana Ghastlie Mrs. Elaine Ghastlie  Mrs. Gramma Sheri Ghastlie Ms. Suz Ghastlie Jacqueline won from Grammasheri’s  ON Wednesday November 2nd Mrs. Jane Ghastlie Mrs. Laura Ghastlie  Mrs. Mary Ghastlie

Mrs. Dawn Ghastlie  Mrs Mary Ghastlie The grand prize winner for Day 8 is Duff from Mrs. Jane Ghastlie’s blog. Congratulations!    ON Thursday November 3rd Mrs. Sharon Ghastlie Mrs Corrie Ghastlie Mrs Cheryl Ghastlie  Mrs. Linda Ghastlie Mrs. Suki Ghastlie Mrs. Pickles Ghastlie      ON Friday November 4th Mrs Nan Ghastlie Mrs. Gmama Jane Ghastlie Mrs Joan Ghastlie Mrs. Nancy Ghastlie Ms Susan Ghastlie Madame Ghastlie 

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