A Skull for Heather (click to enlarge photo)

This is a little art quilt that I did for my sister-in-law who loves skulls.  She gave me a skull pandora pendant and in return I made her this little art quilt of a skull. This measures about 8″ x 8″ square and is a mix of applique and thread painting.   My first two attempts were completely thread painting and they did not turn out very well, I need a little more practice doing that. I was going to use white fabric for the skull, but when I started through my fabric, I found a fat quarter of this color and thought it was perfect for this application.  I fused the larger pieces of fabric and then I used thread to paint around all the areas to give it the look of a skull.

I drew on some sulky solvy to get the spikes coming out of the skull around it and then hooped and put it in my machine and used the drawing to help me with the those spikes.  That wasn’t as easy I thought it would be either..

Skull Detail



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