Last year the quilt guild I belong too decided to make Alpha Quilts for the new local Children’s Museum in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  The quilt needed to be 18″ x 22″ and have the letter prominently displayed on the quilt, other than that we were free to do what we wanted with our letter.  I drew the letter “Z”.

I found that there are lots of words that start with Z, but not lots of words that small children would know and that I could represent through fabric.  I finally decided to start with “Zoo” and try to figure out how to incorporate a zoo into a quilt.  As my idea progressed I decided to make it a “Z” Zoo, filled with things starting with the letter Z.  My son then came up with name of the Zoo – “Zoinks Zoo”.

Here are some pictures of the quilt I created for my letter “Z”.

If you would like to see all the Alpha Quilts built, please visit this link (MMQG Alpha Quilts).

Click the link for the Mt. Pleasant Children’s Discover Museum.

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