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Confett Art Quilt Lake Michigan 2013

In March, my Mom and I attended a class by Ann Loveless on Confetti Quilts through the Mid Michigan Quilters’ Guild in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  Ann Loveless has several types of art quilts that she creates, but this type of quilt is made up of 1″ squares of varying colors for the background of the quilt.  The artist then builds the scene on top of this background.  She helped us shape our picture, add the horizon line and taught us how she fuses the background.

Confetti Art Quilt Lake Michigan 2013

I love doing landscape quilts and don’t get to do them very often, so this little 8″ x 10″ quilt was really fun and a great distraction from making my purses.

Confetti Art Quilt Lake Michigan 2013

If you look closely the leaves are just small cuts from different shades of green fabric, and I used metallic thread in the water to help give it some movement.

Confetti Art Quilt Lake Michigan 2013

I hope to do more of these more often in the future because they are so fun to make!

Confetti Art Quilt Lake Michigan 2013

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My daughter is getting her degree in Film and she has been doing the make up artistry work on the films her school is working on.  She asked if I could come up with a makeup apron for her to wear on set to have all her brushes and makeup right on her.  I studied what make aprons were comprised of and used my sewing background to come up with this custom made make up artist apron for her.

Make up artist apron on Model.

She gave me the number of brushes she currently had and the approximate size and I came up with this apron with 27 brush slots, 4 open pockets and 2 zippered pockets.

Make up artist apron laid out

Another feature of make up artist aprons is that they can be either folded or rolled up and that keeps your brushes and accessories together and portable.  I added a flap that would be folded to the back when wearing the apron, and then folded forward to cover all the brushes when it is rolled up for transport.

Make up artist apron flap

The straps that go around the waist are plenty long to fit most sizes and to stay snug so they don’t come untied very easily.  The straps that wrap around the make up apron when in transport are also plenty long to wrap around twice to keep it from coming open accidentally.  This can also be laid flat on a table if needed also.

Make Up Apron rolled up for transport.

If you are interested in this item, you can find it for sale under my shop, and it can come in other types of material as requested.  Please contact me if you would like something that will fit your particular needs and I can make a custom made piece for you.

Make Up April Close Up Shot




I joined the Skill Builder Block of the Month over at  She is a graphic artist that likes to quilt and developed this block of the month that teaches you different piecing and applique skills each month.  She also included free motion quilting in with each block, but I decided to wait until the end to do my free motion quilting.

The First Month Block developed by her was Improv Piecing, she states,”This month we will be making our blocks using some improvisational piecing techniques. Usually when quilting you are working with exact directions, and exact measurements, following exact steps one by one. But, when you are improv piecing you are given full flexibility with sizes and colors, and usually the blocks just come together as you sew!”

I chose to work in purples and greens, each month is two different blocks and I do one purple background and one green background.  She recommended starching the fabrics before using them to keep the fabrics from stretching or distorting.  I didn’t do that on these first two blocks and I regret it now.  I have starched my fabrics on all subsequent blocks and it makes a huge difference when piecing them together.  The pieces are much stiffer and keep their shape.

The first block was the sound wave and it was our decision how to set up our strips for the sound wave.  The second block was called Magnum and again we got to choose the width an number of strips to put in this block.  Here is an picture of my blocks for the first month.

To view all the other people involved in this BOM, please visit the flickr group:

Last year the quilt guild I belong too decided to make Alpha Quilts for the new local Children’s Museum in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  The quilt needed to be 18″ x 22″ and have the letter prominently displayed on the quilt, other than that we were free to do what we wanted with our letter.  I drew the letter “Z”. Read the rest here -→

Janome Elna Press Open

I have put my iron aside for the Janome Elna Press I purchased this summer.  I started a business that required me to press interfacing on to a LOT of fabric and my iron only had so much coverage, and ultimately took a lot of time to put the interfacing on the fabric.  I can do up to 3 times the work at one time with my Janome Elna PressRead the rest here -→