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Welcome Ghastlie Fans Ghastlie Fabric Giveaway….Alexander Henry Winner- Grand Prize…. the Lady of the Cloth from Kirie Ghastlies Shape Winner of Canary Quilts Ghastlie Mug Rug is… Jacque from Thanks so much for visiting, and enjoy the rest of the Ghastlie Blog Hop!


Behind the scenes we (54) Ghastlie obsessed Stitchers have been rather busy, you could say.

I will be as surprised as all of YOU.  I cannot wait to see what my Sistahs have created.

 Thanks to all our sponsors for this wonderful, creative blog hop!

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For the Ghastlie Blog Hop participants the following grand prize October 24 is!!! :

4 Yards of this GHASTLIE Collection from our sponsor  Alexander Henry Fabrics… They are sporting a BRAND NEW look too.! YOU can VIEW these from samples they have posted!  (shipping cost responsibility of winners, this will be mailed out of the US) ..And now for Ms. Carrie Ghastlies’ Sickness..

I am Ms. Carrie Ghastlie and my Ghastlie sickness started this summer when I saw this fabric at a quilt show.  Unfortunately they did not have any fabric to sell.. so I promptly came home and got on the internet and found the fabric.. and well the rest is a Ghastlie history as you will see.

Here are my GHASTLIE offerings, sew if you can’t find the cure here, then the undead will be welcoming your arrival… SEW enough with the formalities and on with the sickness!  Below are all my projects, the last one is my giveaway!

First up is my Twisted Block Ghastlie Lap Quilt.  I looked through EQ7 for a block I could use to highlight these GHASTLIE figures, and go figure it was the “Twisted” block that worked the best.  This was foundation pieced, the first time I used EQ7, and the first time I have done sashing.

Twisted Block Lap quilt featuring The Ghastlies (click to enlarge)

To even get more GHASTLIE.. This is an AMY Butler Chelsea Tote that I had a pattern for and thought I would check out how GHASTLIE my material looked on the tote.  I ended up making the tote taller than the pattern called for to frame my favorite characters.

A Ghastlie Tote in Mauve Reversible (click to enlarge)

A Ghastlie Tote in Mauve (click to enlarge)

A Ghastlie Tote in Mauve (click to enlarge)

Yes, I have to admit I do have a GHASTLIE sickness.. Next up is a slouch purse that I have made a few times, but since I love the purse and I love the GHASTLIES, it made a purrfect match.  There is a zipper pocket on the outside and pockets on the inside.

The Ghastlies Tote Bag Front with Zipper (click to enlarge)

The Ghastlies Tote Backside (click to enlarge)

Sew now that you all know that I have plenty of ways to Tote my stuff around, what about getting some much needed sleep or I may just look GHASTLIE in the morning.  Yep.. I made a pillowcase (actually two)… to lay my sleepy head down at a retreat when I have stayed up most of the night sewing!

A Ghastlie Pillow Case (click to enlarge)

On these last few project I get show off my GHASTLIE applique, where I get to pluck these GHASTLIE figures off the fabric and put them in their place. This little art quilt is 12″ x 12″, and puts these GHASTLIE knitters in their own little room to knit and gossip on all the GHASLTIE happenings.  I also added charms to the wall as wall pictures, and the wallpaper is also done with a decorative stitch on my machine.  The floor boards were done with free motion quilting.  All applique is raw edge (my favorite).

A Ghastlie Knitting Bee (click to enlarge)

Next in this GHASTLIE sickness is a Crayon Tote that I did for a 3 year old for her birthday.  I appliqued the GHASTLIES onto the pink background, put the pockets on the front for the crayons, and filled it with some crayon books for her birthday.  I added the feathers and fringe onto the bottom just for her(MOM) because they are very girly and love pink!

The Ghastlies Crayon Tote, holds crayons in the front, and coloring books on the inside. (click to enlarge)

Crayon Tote backside. (click to enlarge)

Finally, is a mug rug that I did in honor of The Ghastlie Blog Hop with the little Miss sickly GHASTLIE, and her pictures in the background, with her cat, and that lovely little girl.  I also added a charm as a wall picture to this GHASTLIE mug rug.  All applique is raw edge.

A Ghastlie Sickness Mug Rug (click to enlarge)

THIS IS MY GIVEAWAY!  A Canary Quilts Ghastlie Mug Rug! Please leave me a comment letting me know which project is the most GHASTLIE, and follow me on facebook to keep up with the blog hop and all my postings!  I will post here and on facebook tomorrow morning the randomly chosen winner from all my comments. Winner of Canary Quilts Ghastlie Mug Rug is… Jacque from

Thanks to Mdm Samm and all her helpers over at ‘Sew I Quilt‘ for recognizing this wonderful GHASTLIE problem we all seem to be suffering from, and giving us a forum to show off our sickness! Thank you soo much for visiting and don’t forget to visit all the other blogs in this blog hop over the next ten days!

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 ON Monday, October 24th  Mrs Kirie Ghastlie Ms Carol Ghastlie  Ms. Wendy Ghastlie Ms. Carrie Ghastlie Mrs Holly Ghastlie Ghastlie Fabric Giveaway….Alexander Henry Winner- Grand Prize…. the Lady of the Cloth from Kirie Ghastlies Shape

 ON Tuesday October 25th  Mrs. Annie Ghastlie Mrs Doris Ghastlie Mrs Brandie Ghastlie Ms. Alidiza Ghastlie Mrs. JudyC Ghastlie

( Wheeled PINK Sewing BAG goes to Cherise from Mrs Annies Ghastlie Fans…)

 ON Wednesday October 26th        Mrs. Barb Ghastlie Miss Karen Ghastlie Ms. Loralynn Ghastlie Ms. Jen Ghastlie.  Ms Penny Ghastlie Mrs Rhonda Ghastlie

( Ghastlie fabric goes to Sheri and Jackie) from Mrs Penny and Mrs Karen Ghaslties)

 ON Thursday October 27th  Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie               Ms Sharon Ghastlie Mrs. Gooden Ghastlie Ms. Selina Ghastlie Mrs. Melinda Ghastlie

( All 3 Rulers goes out to Evelyn from Mrs Sharon Ghastlies  Gathering…)

 ON Friday October 28th  Miss Trudi Ghastlie   Ms. Deonn Ghastlie Mrs. Marlene Ghastlie Mrs Kim Ghastlie Mrs Tammy Ghastlie

2 ( 4 yds each of Ghastlies goes out to… ( Manda from Miss Trudi’s) and Dannelle from Mrs Tammy)

 ON Monday October 31st Mrs. Toyna Ghastlie Mrs Tiramisue Ghastlie

Mrs. Angela Ghastlie Mrs Pauline Ghastlie

Mrs. Karin Ghastlie Mrs Barb Ghastlie ( Mrs Pickles you have won  the lights form Mrs Paulines Ghastlie..)   ON Tuesday November 1st  Miss Daisy Ghastlie Mrs. Dana Ghastlie Mrs. Elaine Ghastlie  Mrs. Gramma Sheri Ghastlie Ms. Suz Ghastlie Jacqueline won from Grammasheri’s  ON Wednesday November 2nd Mrs. Jane Ghastlie Mrs. Laura Ghastlie  Mrs. Mary Ghastlie

Mrs. Michelle Ghastlie

Mrs. Dawn Ghastlie  Mrs Mary Ghastlie The grand prize winner for Day 8 is Duff from Mrs. Jane Ghastlie’s blog. Congratulations!    ON Thursday November 3rd Mrs. Sharon Ghastlie Mrs Corrie Ghastlie Mrs Cheryl Ghastlie  Mrs. Linda Ghastlie Mrs. Suki Ghastlie Mrs. Pickles Ghastlie      ON Friday November 4th Mrs Nan Ghastlie Mrs. Gmama Jane Ghastlie Mrs Joan Ghastlie Mrs. Nancy Ghastlie Ms Susan Ghastlie Madame Ghastlie 

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As a member of the Mid Michigan Quilters Guild in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, we were given the project to build a deck of cards in quilts.  We were asked to draw a card from a deck of cards, and the only instructions were to make the quilt, 18″ x 24″, round the corners, and put the number and suit in the upper left and bottom right corners.  Other than that, we were free to do whatever we wanted, and WOW did the creativity show through on this project.  It turned out to be a highlight of the quilt show. I drew the 8 of Diamonds, the 3 of Hearts, and the 8 of Spades, and following are the quilts that I did.

Alien 8 of Spades

Eight of Diamonds

Three of Hearts Playing Card

Following are the rest of the quilts that were at the show, please browse through these and take a good look because they are pretty awesome!  Would love to hear your comments about them. We are currently trying to get them into the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and displayed at the Midland Center of the Arts. Please ENJOY!

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I have been very busy with The Ghastlies Blog Hop that I am a part of starting October 24, 2011. Please come back and visit my site on October 24th to see what I have done with all my GHASTLIE fabric!  I will be having a give away prize for everyone who follows me on facebook and leaves a comment! But I have also finished a few projects, which I wanted to show you here.Following is a tote that I showed a young woman how to make.  It was the first time she has ever been at a sewing machine and the first time using an iron.  She came over to my house on two separate nights and I showed her how to cut out the materials, free motion quilt the material and batting and assemble the bag.  She did a very nice job for the very first time at a sewing machine.  I would rate this tote as a medium sewing project.  I also introduced her to Aurifil threads for piecing everything together.  It is a nice strong thread that has no bulk to it.

Alexa’s Tote

The next project was inspired from a drawing my son did of Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the movie Back to the Future.  I used materials from my stash to create this little mug rug. I think that it would have turned out better if I had enlarged the picture and used better quality fabrics, especially the fabric that I used for the skin portions.  This fabric was from the stash table at a retreat and I thought it would work well, but it just didn’t want to behave in such small portions.  It works well as a Mug Rug though and I learned a valuable lesson about fabric.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future.. Inspired from a drawing my son did.

The following is a Mug Rug I did, that I couldn’t resist doing.  I had the fabrics and it was a nice cool blustery fall day when I created this one.  It is a simple raw edge applique.

Fall Mug Rug

This is a Mug Rug I did because I really wanted to thread sketch the cat.  I think it turned out pretty good except for the background fabric.  Again I used only what was in my stash and I wish I would have had a solid or light color background I could have used.  The bat in the moon turned out pretty cool and it was pretty easy, and the Happy Halloween in the upper left corner was done with 30wt Signature thread.  This was a new variegated thread I bought and really wanted to try it out.  I really liked the way the thread behaved for me, but again it doesn’t show up on this background very good.  It is also used in the stem of the pumpkin.

Happy Halloween Mug Rug

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On September 28th I took a class through our local guild that was presented by Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts.  The pattern she was teaching that day was “On Eagle’s Wings” which is one of the first quilts she made.   It is a foundation piece pattern based on the pineapple quilt pattern.

On Eagles Wings Table Runner

Edyta had the fabric kits all ready for us, and all the pieces were cut for us.  Her feeling was that we already knew how to cut fabric, she wanted to show us the technique of foundation piecing.  She then had the whole class do their first block together and she was very attentive to everyone in the class.  She went to everyone’s station and made sure they were on the right track or got them on the right track.

On Eagles Wings Table Runner

Once everyone finished their first block, she then let us work at our own pace.  Edyta was a very down to earth, funny person and she stayed very focused on all her students throughout the whole class.  She provided us with the tools to make and entire quilt for this pattern, but gave us the materials to finish a table runner in this day class.  She wanted to make sure everyone had something they could use at the end of the day as well as the tools to take this pattern farther.

On Eagles Wings Table Runner

Not only was she very attentive but she gave the class some very good pointers, some new techniques for building quilts, and showed us some of the new patterns that she was working on.   If you get a chance to take a class with Edyta, you will not be very disappointed.

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