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Mt. Pleasant Children’s Discovery Museum Quilt (I Spy, Infant Pond Theme)

UPDATE: June 28, 2011.. I have added to this quilt since my last post, I added some 3d figures (turtle, crab, seal, lizard and bird), I also added some glitter butterflies, and some paper fish and signs on the barn.  These items I found in the scrapbooking section of a store and thought they would add to the texture and feel of the quilt and draw your eye outward from the quilt. This is an Educational/Community Project quilt that I signed up for on behalf of the Mid Michigan Quilt Guild that I am a member of.   The Mt. Pleasant Children’s Discovery Museum is building a brand new building in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and they asked if the quilt guild could make some I Spy or Picture Play quilts for the museum.  Their intent is to give the kids, when they come to the museum, items to find within these quilts. This quilt’s theme is “Infant Pond” and I received a 1 yd. piece of batting, two 5″ squares of materials with frogs (the yellow frog and the red frog), and two 5″ squares of material with small barn animals and objects within the material.  Other than those items the instructions were to make the quilt no larger than the piece of batting I received and to utilize the pieces of materials that I received.  It is my understanding that the pieces of material I was supplied would be the items that the museum would ask the children to look for. My inspiration for the quilt was the I Spy books by Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo and I used this inspiration to create this original piece.  (Click here to see an example of an I Spy book page). I first drew out a simple picture of a pond with a cutout showing under the water also, some grass, a barn and a tree, and used this as a template to build the theme or background of this quilt.  From that point, I used some material I had, some material I received from friends and relatives and the material received from the quilt guild to start filling in the picture at that point.  I tried to place items so that they may be a little more difficult to locate, and I tried to place items within the pictures where they would normally fit.  I also bought some patches and added these to the page to give it a little different texture and add to the complexity of the picture. It was fun to take a look at all these materials I had in a very different light.. right down to the smallest bug that was in the material instead of looking at it as a whole 36″ x 42″ piece.  I encourage you to enlarge this picture and take a look at all the items there are to find in this picture.  I have also added into the gallery close up pictures to view of the quilt.

Update August 2011:

Since I finished my I-Spy quilt for the Mt. Pleasant Children’s Discovery Museum, I have learned that the focus fabric which the kids are going to look for in each quilt is the same material and that I needed to incorporate it into my quilt.

Focus Fabric for children to find in all the quilts in the museum

Finished I-Spy quilt with the focus fabric.

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This is the focus fabric that the children will be shown when they come to the museum, and all the quilts in the museum have incorporated this fabric into their quilt.  Above is the finished quilt with the above fabric incorporated into the quilt.  See if you can find the fabric.. and leave a comment below if you find the fabric!

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The Colosseum Art Quilt 8″ x 10″

The Colosseum Art Quilt was an idea I came up with when invited to my friend Cynthia’s fiftieth birthday party.  Not sure what to get her, I decided to make her this little quilt.  Her husband is an Art History professor and they have been to Rome on several occasions so I decided to make her a part of Rome. I did this little quilt from beginning to end in about 7 hours.  I first found a picture I liked and placed it on the light board and copied the major elements of the picture onto freezer paper.  I then used the freezer paper to cut the pieces from the materials and assembled them on the background fabric (blue). I used some 1/4″ steam a seam to hold the pieces in place while I sewed them on, and then I did some thread work to help fill in the details of the building.   I kept the picture for reference next to my sewing machine and kept looking at it to see which color thread I should use to help with giving it some dimension. love it, share it! pinterest google

This is  a One Block Wonder that I have recently finished.  My mom started this quilt a few years a go, she had cut it out and got the blocks ready for design, but in the design phase she got frustrated and handed it over to me. (Thanks Mom, for all the initial hard work!)  Once I had the pieces my daughter and I put them up on a design wall basically by putting similar colors together.  From that point, we took pictures on our digital camera and then started rearranging the blocks until we came up with a design that we were satisfied with.

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A Skull for Heather (click to enlarge photo)

This is a little art quilt that I did for my sister-in-law who loves skulls.  She gave me a skull pandora pendant and in return I made her this little art quilt of a skull. This measures about 8″ x 8″ square and is a mix of applique and thread painting.   My first two attempts were completely thread painting and they did not turn out very well, I need a little more practice doing that. I was going to use white fabric for the skull, but when I started through my fabric, I found a fat quarter of this color and thought it was perfect for this application.  I fused the larger pieces of fabric and then I used thread to paint around all the areas to give it the look of a skull. Read the rest here -→

Mug Rugs I received in the Mug Rug Swap

I wanted to share with everyone the mug rugs I received from Debbie in California!  I love them!  Thank you! I’ve had a lot of fun with the Mug Rug Swap.. it’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this and it was really cool to give and receive from complete strangers! Debbie also sent me a very nice card and a map showing how far the mug rugs traveled from her place in California to my place in Michigan. Debbie, you did a great job and I love them and keep up the good work!

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