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My daughter is getting her degree in Film and she has been doing the make up artistry work on the films her school is working on.  She asked if I could come up with a makeup apron for her to wear on set to have all her brushes and makeup right on her.  I studied what make aprons were comprised of and used my sewing background to come up with this custom made make up artist apron for her.

Make up artist apron on Model.

She gave me the number of brushes she currently had and the approximate size and I came up with this apron with 27 brush slots, 4 open pockets and 2 zippered pockets.

Make up artist apron laid out

Another feature of make up artist aprons is that they can be either folded or rolled up and that keeps your brushes and accessories together and portable.  I added a flap that would be folded to the back when wearing the apron, and then folded forward to cover all the brushes when it is rolled up for transport.

Make up artist apron flap

The straps that go around the waist are plenty long to fit most sizes and to stay snug so they don’t come untied very easily.  The straps that wrap around the make up apron when in transport are also plenty long to wrap around twice to keep it from coming open accidentally.  This can also be laid flat on a table if needed also.

Make Up Apron rolled up for transport.

If you are interested in this item, you can find it for sale under my shop, and it can come in other types of material as requested.  Please contact me if you would like something that will fit your particular needs and I can make a custom made piece for you.

Make Up April Close Up Shot