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Country Star

This is my first paper pieced project.  Dan Burke of Quilting by the River taught a class at a retreat and this was a tree skirt pattern of his that he taught.  I fell in love with just the star pattern that I did not fill in between the points to make it a circle and kept it just a star shape. I used the pillowcase method to finish it.  I backed it with a cotton fabric, and used a flannel fabric in the middle so that I could turn the points out.  Batting would have been too bulky and stiff to use to pull the points out so that they look nice. Quilting this was challenging also, because I had to quilt it once it was all put together and pulling the points through the machine took a little bit of time, but I tackled it and it came out pretty cool.

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Oh, my God, they found me, I don’t know how, but they found me. Run for it Marty

This was a fun litte quilt that I recently did.  It is a scene from the first Back to the Future movie when The Libyan’s find Doc Brown in the beginning of the movie. My kids love this movie and my daughter had found a piece of art by Scott C, and she showed me the pic and I replicated it with fabric and thread. This little piece is only about 5″ x 7″, and took a few hours to construct. My son has also drawn some Back to the Future drawings that I would like to do also, so stay tuned!

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Art Quilt”][/caption] Last October when I was in Jason’s office, his co-worker, Amy, had a calendar hanging on her wall and the picture really intrigued me and I thought I could turn that into an art quilt.  At the end of the year she gave Jason the calendar to give to me and today I made one of the pictures into an art quilt. Read the rest here -→

I haven’t been on my sewing machine for 3 weeks now! I went on vacation to see my daughter in Orlando for 10 days and had an absolute blast! She works for Disney and was able to use her perks to show us around the parks and it was a really good time.

Mike and Diane’s Wedding Invitation

I’ve been asked recently by my Uncle to recreate his wedding invitation with fabric and thread, and I was really exicted that he trusted me enough to ask me to do that, and what a great challenge for me. Their invitation is unique, it was one piece of paper that folded and was sent in the mail. The design of the invitation was created by Jason Hartman of DH Designs and it represented the Harley Davidson colors, had a picture of them with the Harley on the invitation and also had curly decorations along the outside. The invitation has a black background with gray paint splotches.. so I’ve been giving that some thought since returning from Florida. I recently took a paper piecing class from Dan Burke of Quilting by the River, and since I’ve taken that class my mind has been going about all kinds of things I could do with paper piecing and hopefully in the future designing some of my own patterns.. I also bought the book a Passion for Piecing by Claudia Clark Myers which I’ve been told is a good book about paper piecing and has some of her patterns, but she also helps you learn how to design your own paper piecing patterns. So I’ve been giving a lot of thought on how to incorporate paper piecing into my projects. Thanks Dan for teaching me this technique! (Dan has a blogtoo, so check it out!)

Conductive Thread

Other things that have excited me while I haven’t been using my machine is conductive thread, which can be hooked up to a battery and you can attach LED lights or strips to it and incorporate lighting into your project. I’ve had several ideas, but not sure how to use it, but the concept of it excited me! (To see a short demonstration video, click here I also started reading Nancy Zieman’s book on doing landscapes in quilts, but she talks about using paintsticks, pastels, and Sharpie markers to enhance the look of your landscape, which I’m thinking of doing on my Punkin in the Sun project which I talk about on an earlier blog. And.. I’m constantly looking at the machine quilting in pictures of quilts because I love to see what other people have done and how I can improve on my techniques in the future.

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12″ x 12″ Art Quilt (click on image to enlarge)

This is a 12″ x 12″ art quilt I attempted in response to a contest in Quilting Arts August/September 2010 issue. The contest was to submit a 12″ x 12″ art quilt with the theme “Feeling Pet-ty” for the 2012 Calendar. They asked that a 12 x 12 square art quilt based on the theme, original design, with some form of embellishment to be submitted. The only other art quilt I have attempted was the Pyramid Quilt that I have talked about before in this blog, and thought this would be a good starting point, it gave me a reason and a theme to start from. I based Punkin off of a picture I had taken of her with my cell phone. I had taken her outside and when she turned to look into the sun I took the picture and it turned out to be such a beautiful picture of her I wanted to try to recreate it into the art quilt. Read the rest here -→