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Country Star

This is my first paper pieced project.  Dan Burke of Quilting by the River taught a class at a retreat and this was a tree skirt pattern of his that he taught.  I fell in love with just the star pattern that I did not fill in between the points to make it a circle and kept it just a star shape. I used the pillowcase method to finish it.  I backed it with a cotton fabric, and used a flannel fabric in the middle so that I could turn the points out.  Batting would have been too bulky and stiff to use to pull the points out so that they look nice. Quilting this was challenging also, because I had to quilt it once it was all put together and pulling the points through the machine took a little bit of time, but I tackled it and it came out pretty cool.

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Safari One Block Wonder Quilt (click on image to enlarge)

This is a One Block Wonder that I have been working on for about 2 years. This particular One Block Wonder won “Best In Show” at a local quilt retreat in November 2010. A One Block Wonder is a quilt made from one single fabric sheet. This particular fabric is of safari animals and had about a 20″ horizontal repeat. Six layers of the repeat are stacked on top of each other and then cut into 60 degree triangles so that you end up with 6 identical triangles that are then sewn together to give each individual block the look of a kaliedescope. Read the rest here -→

Playing with Crayons Crib Size Quilt

This is a baby quilt (crib size) I made for my nephew.  I made this in April of 2010 for their baby shower and it is the first quilt that I attempted entirely on my own. This is a pattern I found in a magazine that I fell in love with.  It is based off a drawing a little girl did of her trip to the playground, and her grandmother interpreted it into fabric.   Read the rest here -→