Have you ever been frustrated with the way your thread breaks or the bobbin thread bunches up on the back during a project?  It could be that your sewing machine needs a cleaning.   A variety of threads, fabrics, and battings can leave lint behind that collects down in the bobbin area of your sewing machine, and it doesn’t take long for this to accumulate and wreak havoc on a project or machine.

The only tools you need to do this is a screwdriver to remove the plate where the bobbin is and a pipe cleaner.  Remove the plate per the instructions in your manual.. it usually only involves removing a few screws and lifting the plate off.

Remove the plate and bobbin case.

Next take your pipe cleaner and carefully start picking up the lint with the pipe cleaner.  The lint will stick to the pipe cleaner with no problem, and just remove the lint from the pipe cleaner and start over.

Use the pipe cleaner to clean around the bobbin case.

After you get the lint that you can see, you can either take the end of the pipe cleaner or fold it and put the folded part down into the machine around the bobbin casing and start picking up the lint you can’t see.  You will be surprised how much is actually down there.


Clean inside the bobbin holder.

Fold the pipe cleaner and use it to pull lint from deep inside the sewing machine.

Rule of thumb, is to clean your machine after every project, and for the most part I do.  I hadn’t cleaned my machine in about a month though, and my thread and bobbin were really acting up on me, and that was how I knew it needed to be cleaned out.

It is surprising how much lint can accumulate in your machine. It was a month since my last cleaning and I shouldn’t have waited that long.

It doesn’t hurt to have your machine serviced at least once a year if not more just to keep it tuned up and working properly.

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