Just last Saturday I decided to put some of my bags that I have been designing on Etsy.  I put up a Cross Body Purse that I made for myself and liked it so much that I felt it would do well on Etsy.  This bag was my first sale!  I had a lady I play ice hockey let me know she was very interested in a purse, and then just tonight I sold my first purse on Etsy!  Click here for my etsy listing.

Alexander Henry Contigo Blue Cross Body Purse on Etsy through CanaryQuilted

It was so exciting to see that someone in this world likes the same thing I like!  I love this bag, it is light and hangs nicely so that it doesn’t get in the way as you go about your day.  It holds just enough to get around, but you can’t fit the kitchen sink in it!

Cross Body Purse with Grape Juice Batik and feather quilting available on Etsy through CanaryQuilted.

The first purse that I sold she requested a purple batik that I had in my stash, and it turned out very nice.  I used the purple batik (name of the batik is grape juice) on the flap front and lining, and I used the grape juice as the lining of the purse.  I quilted some feathers on the outside to give it some detail.  I used purple thread so that the batik would show, but the quilting gives it some features also.  The black and the purple work very well together.

The Cross Body purse I sold on Etsy was exactly as I listed it.  She wanted the Contigo fabric in Blue, with the sugar skull on the front.  I was soooo excited, I love this fabric, and I love carrying this little purse around.    I have all the fabric cut and I will be assembling this purse and mailing it very soon!

love it, share it!

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