Janome Elna Press Open

I have put my iron aside for the Janome Elna Press I purchased this summer.  I started a business that required me to press interfacing on to a LOT of fabric and my iron only had so much coverage, and ultimately took a lot of time to put the interfacing on the fabric.  I can do up to 3 times the work at one time with my Janome Elna Press

Rajah Cloth with Janome Elna Press

The Janome Elna Press is just like an iron with the same settings (silk, linen, wool, cotton), my model doesn’t have any way to steam my items, but I use a Rajah Cloth and spray that with water and it works just like the steam option on the iron.  I also keep pressing cloths on the bottom section of the Janome Elna Press just to fusible residue from getting on the iron portion.

You need an area about 3′ square to use it.  Setting it up is easy, set the dial to the temperature needed ,and away you go.  You pull the handle down and the large heated pad comes down onto your garments, and hold it for up to 10 seconds, if you forget to lift it withing 10 seconds it has a buzzer and an automatic cut out.

I think the only draw back is it takes up a bit more space than an iron.  Other than the space issue, the Janome Elna Press has been a very good investment for my business and my personal projects.  I have turned on my iron once since then and only because I was working on something very small, other than that I use my Janome Elna Press all the time.

Janome Elna Press Closed

Overall the Janome Elna Press easy to use, has high efficiency, durable, and is a great value for the time is has cut to do my projects.  I thoroughly recommend the Janome Elna Press.

I bought my Janome Elna Press from Ebay, the link I am providing is for a similar one that I found on Amazon.  My Janome Elna Press is an older model than the one on Amazon, but they are all very similar to use.


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