Canary Quilts Logo Fabric

I wanted to share this great piece of fabric I just purchased from spoonflower!  This is one of two logo’s my husband made for me to brand the items that I make. Spoonflower is a company that allows you to upload your own design and have it printed on a variety of fabrics.  I love this service because it lets people be independent fabric designers and show and sell their designs online, and it also lets you personalize any of your projects with a design of your own. While looking through Spoonflowerfor a specific design one night, it just occurred to me that I could make labels on the fabric.  I have struggled at home with printable fabric, making my own labels in my printer.  The labels I make at home are  good, but not great.  I uploaded this horizontal logo to spoonflower and had it printed on heavy cotton twill fabric.  These labels are about 1.5″ x 3″, so I can cut these out individually and attach them to projects that I make.

Label applied to a lining of a purse.

The heavy cotton twill logo fabric that I ordered is a fat quarter and the size of the fat quarter is 29″ x 18″.. this is larger than a normal fat quarter because this fabric comes in 58″ width rather than the normal 42″ width of other fabrics.  This fat quarter cost me $17.00, which sounds like a lot, but I got 35 labels on this single fat quarter. This fabric is top notch, it looks and feels good and the printing is very crisp and clear.  I have also ordered the Kona Cotton with a very dark design on it, and my mother-in-law ordered the Cotton Poplin for me to make pillowcases with.  All the fabrics that I have received have been really nice fabrics to feel and work with. For my next purchase I want to make a label that I can put on the back of future quilts that can be filled in with fabric pen when it’s ready to use.

Pillowcases with spoonflower fabric

The white  fabric in the pillowcases in the picture is the Spoonflower fabric I received from my mother-in-law.  The fabric is white cotton poplin with our wedding logo printed on it.  She bought this fabric and gave me king size pillowcases, and I took the king size pillow cases, cut them into fabric, added the batik accent and made these beautiful pillowcases. If you haven’t checked out Spoonflower, I encourage you to take a look at their site, and if you have and haven’t ordered, don’t be shy!  It is more expensive, but it is worth the expense. If you have any questions about my fabric or experience, please leave a comment, or contact me through facebook or my website!


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