This is  a One Block Wonder that I have recently finished.  My mom started this quilt a few years a go, she had cut it out and got the blocks ready for design, but in the design phase she got frustrated and handed it over to me. (Thanks Mom, for all the initial hard work!)  Once I had the pieces my daughter and I put them up on a design wall basically by putting similar colors together.  From that point, we took pictures on our digital camera and then started rearranging the blocks until we came up with a design that we were satisfied with.

Hollow Block single (click to enlarge)

Once we had the design in place, I took it to a quilt retreat and at that point I had been experimenting with some hollow blocks that were similar in color to the quilt and we decided to incorporate those hollow blocks into the quilt.  I also made a few more hollow blocks out of the original material and incorporated those into the quilt also. The design phase of these types of quilts can be frustrating and intimidating, that is why I use a digital camera, so I can step away from the project and look at it from a distance.   I take a picture, I look over the picture, decide which blocks need to be moved, move them, then take another picture and so on until I am either satisified with the design, or just need to put it away for another day.  I don’t think I could design these without a digital camera as an aid. At the retreat we also played with the yellow border that went around the quilt.  Instead of just making a rectangular border, we decided to match the border up with the blocks inside, so we built some yellow blocks and incorporated them into the short side of the quilt and then added a rectangular border.

Border (click to enlarge)

I like how this border just gives it a nice visual and accentuates the shape of the hexagonal blocks in the quilt.  I then bordered the quilt with the material.  I like incorporating the original material into the quilt so that the viewer can see how the one block wonder evolved.  I quilted ovals around each of the seams in the hexagons, and then straight lines in the hollow blocks to help them stand out.The colors of this quilt turned out to be very rich looking, and it has a very pleasing and warm look to it.  The size of this quilt is about 85″ x 60″ finished.  The binding in the quilt is also from the original material. I did hanging squares quilting in the outside border.  This is the same pattern I did in my other one block wonder and I really like the look.  Since I ended up with 4″ hollow squares in this border, I then put a leaf pattern in the middle using two threads to give it some depth in the color. Following are some examples of some of the blocks in the one block wonder and a picture of the original material used to create this design.


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