Pyramid Art Quilt

This is my second attempt at an art quilt. My sister and her husband went to Egypt and took a picture of the pyramids and I took their picture and recreated it with fabric and thread. I used a light board to help build the pyramids, and once I had them attached to the quilt, I hung the picture for reference and added all the thread embellishment to give the picture its details and depth. This took me about 20 – 30 hours over the course of three weeks, and when it was done, I gave it to my sister and her husband as a wedding gift. This art quilt is 23″ x 35″. Please click on the picture for a bigger view to appreciate all the thread work on this quilt.


This is the actual picture taken by Charla and Josh that I used to base my art quilt from. You probably noticed the camel, but there is a pigeon in the foreground that made it into the quilt also..

Original Image

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