I wanted to bring to your attention a contest that is going on over at “The Printed Bolt” website. They put out a call to anyone who was interested in designing fabric to enter their Repeat: A Design Competition.  I found out about this competition after they had already chosen their top ten competitors, but I think it will be a lot of fun to see what the challenges are, and see how all these aspiring fabric designers interpret the challenge. I find this fun because I think about designing my own fabric and with a graphic designer in my house we are really interested to see what designs come out of this AND how the judges look at each design.  All the designers come from different walks of life, some are artists, some are graphic designers, and one is a regular person like me, so I am very interested in watching how this whole challenge and competition plays out. The first challenge has already taken place and the theme was “Tiny Dwellings”.. you can head over to their website and see all the designers submissions for their first challenge.  You have the opportunity to vote on your favorite for each challenge, and there is a people’s choice, but there are judges that will choose the winner for each challenge.  A designer or two will be eliminated after each challenge. The winner of the first challenge will have their two designs featured in a quilt at TQM Products booth at Spring International Quilt Market 2012 in Kansas City this May.  Their designs are going to be printed by Spoonflower.. and if you haven’t checked out Spoonflower, you need to go to their site.  Spoonflower lets you print your own designs on different types of fabric. If you have ever thought of designing fabric or if you just love a good competition you can go to the website and check it out, or follow them on facebook and they update as they have challenges and winners.

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