The Colosseum Art Quilt 8″ x 10″

The Colosseum Art Quilt was an idea I came up with when invited to my friend Cynthia’s fiftieth birthday party.  Not sure what to get her, I decided to make her this little quilt.  Her husband is an Art History professor and they have been to Rome on several occasions so I decided to make her a part of Rome. I did this little quilt from beginning to end in about 7 hours.  I first found a picture I liked and placed it on the light board and copied the major elements of the picture onto freezer paper.  I then used the freezer paper to cut the pieces from the materials and assembled them on the background fabric (blue). I used some 1/4″ steam a seam to hold the pieces in place while I sewed them on, and then I did some thread work to help fill in the details of the building.   I kept the picture for reference next to my sewing machine and kept looking at it to see which color thread I should use to help with giving it some dimension.

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