I don’t do a lot of piecing.  The AQS Mystery Quilt was piecing without paper, and this Mariner’s Compass was piecing with paper!  When I learned paper piecing I really enjoyed it.  It is a great way to make points look perfect!

Quarter section of the compass

My first paper piecing was a class with Dan Burke, and then I took a class with Edyta Sytar, so I felt I could do something on my own, and I chose this Mariner’s  Compass from a book (A Passion for Piecing) by Claudia Clark Myers.

First compass I built with scraps

My impatience to get into a project got the better of me when I started this.. I only read a part of the book, I skipped through some of the chapters and I chose to do this project which was halfway through the book.  I didn’t read how to cut my pieces first and some my first small point I built was hilarious.. after that point, I went back read the directions and cut all my pieces first before starting.  Once I did that, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.  I put together compass on the left first, and learned a lot from it, so the compass on the right went together a lot faster and smoother.

Second compass I built with scraps

I learned to position my fabric better on the paper, and I learned to trim my the bottom of each piece which meets in the center to make it a better fit and the center ended up much smoother.   I used Aurifil 50wt. thread to do all my piecing and I set all my stitches with an iron before pressing and between these two things I feel that I got a very nice flat and smooth result with all the fabrics and seams that are put together. These two blocks were made from scraps in my stash and I plan on doing these on a larger scale with much better choices in fabric!  I have found that I really like paper piecing and look forward to doing more projects like this in the future.

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